Markets We Serve

Manufacturing Warehouse-Distribution:

Krystal Kleer specializes at installing our units in high ceiling, long-run manufacturing facilities. Whether it's for one unit or 50, our team of service technicians are the most experienced in the business. All have literally thousands of installed units on their resume. Where other less experienced filtration companies have tried and failed, Krystal Kleer has always been able to get the job done. No one does it better!

warehouse water cooler


Whether it's hospitals, nursing facilities, assisted-living, dental, or medical, our units can help all types of healthcare facilities when it comes to saving money and having pure, limitless drinking water. Virtually 30% of our client base is healthcare related! This is a testament to the purity of our product and the superiority of our service after the fact.

hopsital filtration system

Hotel/Hospitality Industry:

From national chains to local privately run hotels we have been providing our cost-effective answer to bottled water for many years. Hilton, Sheraton, Marriott, Hampton Inn, etc. have all seen the value of our product and love the simplicity of having our units installed for guests, exercise rooms, employees, etc.

hotel water cooler

Higher Education, Schools – Public & Private:

Krystal Kleer customers are from all levels of education... From elementary schools to high schools and colleges, the education field has benefited from our cost-effective solutions to bottled water!

school water fountain


From "mom and pop" type companies to world headquarters, Krystal Kleer is the superior choice. Whether it's companies with five employees, 100 or 1000+, Krystal Kleer has had the answer for all kinds of B to B customers for over 14 years.

office water cooler

Hair Salons/Day Spas:

Have you ever noticed bottled water being stacked under counters, in hallways, etc. at your hair salon or day spa? Space is always limited, and comes at a premium! By switching to Krystal Kleer, bottled water storage is over and our units are not only cost-effective but great-looking as well!

salon water cooler

Government/State-Local Agencies:

Krystal Kleer works with government agencies of all types, from local to state to federal. All of us have budgets to adhere to and it's no different with government agencies. With Krystal Kleer's product, these organizations can bank on the same price year after year and monthly billing is consistent! A real advantage to all types of government entities.

government building water cooler

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