Why Filtration?

Lower Water Costs!

There's an unbelievable mark up associated with bottled water deliveries! You pay for the water, plastic jugs, bottling, delivery etc. Just take a look at your current bottled water bill! You most likely will see a fee for the "privilege"of the bottled water company delivering the water. It's called a "fuel/energy surcharge"!

Krystal Kleer's FOUR stage water purification units eliminate the high cost of purchasing bottled water. You pay just one monthly rental fee for UNLIMITED pure, refreshing, drinking water. And all maintenance and service is included at no additional charge!

affordable drinking water

Drink clean, pure, refreshing water!

Krystal Kleer knows that for the highest quality water only the most up-to-date technology will do. That's why we only offer WaterLogic/innowave "point- of-use"water purification systems. Simply put, they are the best units on the market.....bar none.

  •   Ultraviolet Sanitization
  •   3-Stage Filtration
  •   BioCote© anti-microbial protection
  •   Food-grade tubing
  •   Stainless steel tanks

A switch to Krystal Kleer water units is a GREEN solution! It shows your company wants to support the green initiative!

More sustainable Drinking Water

  •   No more green-unfriendly plastic bottles.
  •   Less gas guzzling bottled water delivery trucks.
  •   You'll be helping reduce emissions caused by trucks as well as bottle manufacturing!

For over 14 years, Krystal Kleer has helped thousands of companies lower their drinking water costs and reduce the "human carbon footprint". In partnering with our growing list of satisfied customers we will continue to do all we can to make that footprint even smaller.

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