Why Krystal Kleer?

Why Krystal Kleer?

We are the recognized leaders in POU water filtration for New England. Krystal Kleer was the very first to offer “point-of-use” water filtration to the northeast on a grand scale in 1999. Chances are if you see a water filtration unit out there, it’s ours. And if it is not, it’s most likely a lesser quality imitation.

Darren Yovan and Chris Cianciolo opened Krystal Kleer in November, 1999. Neither of them had the funds necessary to buy the first inventory of water units, and consequently borrowed from their parents to start the company. The first 4-5 years were very difficult and stressful as expected…..maxing out personal credit cards, bank rejections for lines of credit due to being a “new business” with no track record, and again borrowing funds from their families. The primary focus was to make payroll every 2 weeks and keep everyone employed. A great motivator!

Sales started really picking up after that, as the concept of water filtration vs. bottles became much more familiar to businesses. As our account executives continued to make sales calls, more and more prospects mentioned they had seen our units elsewhere….always a good sign for a new business!

Today, through hard work, persistence, and a little luck, Krystal Kleer has over 10,000 clients…..including over 30 world headquarters. Through the efforts of sincere, talented, and dedicated employees (15+ and growing), Krystal Kleer has built a well-deserved reputation for offering the best product and service after the fact, bar none. NO ONE has more installs, experience, and know-how. No one.

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We Know Water!

As a small, closely run business, Krystal Kleer provides a more personal touch to its customers. We are privately owned (not financed by investors or venture capitalists), as opposed to some of the much larger water companies that dabble in filtration throughout the country. Darren Yovan and Chris Cianciolo are held responsible only to themselves, their families, employees, and of course….their customers!

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